Rice Bowl Alumni Catchup

Rice Bowl Alumni Catchup featuring Zoom, ASEAN Startup of the Year 2017.

We interviewed the cofounders of this top-performing startup that is making an impact in the ASEAN region. We discuss challenges, future plans and how Rice Bowl has impacted them.

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18 Award Categories

The awards range from industry awards, cross-sector awards, ecosystem awards and the coveted Star awards.
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ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards

The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards (Rice Bowl), organised by New Entrepreneurs Foundation, celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem.

The Awards reward innovation, excellence, and best practice in startups across the region. It also recognizes the excitement, risk and hard-work involved in developing a startup and the influence each person has on driving the success of their company.

Rice Bowl puts the spotlight on model entrepreneurship and inspires a dynamic community of startup enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, policy makers and diverse mentors in tech innovation.

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Rice Bowl Articles

Rice Bowl Startup Awards Recognises Excellent Startups Across the ASEAN Region

Among the many problems that a startup must face in its arduous journey to greatness is to get the recognition that it deserves. Besides the challenges of building a product, securing the right finances and creating a healthy customer-base, the typical startup will not...
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Rice Bowl Winners Will Receive Investor-matching, Regional and Global Network Opportunities and Free Flight Tickets!

Winners of the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards (Rice Bowl) in the national and regional round will enjoy a lot of benefits. These include investor-matching opportunities, access to a robust regional and global network of startups, extensive media coverage on Rice Bowl’s...
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USD 108mil in Investor Pledges Have Been Received by Rice Bowl Winners.

Winners of Rice Bowl Startup Awards received over USD 100mil in investor pledges. Past winners of the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards (Rice Bowl) have received USD 108mil in investor pledges over the past 3 years since the first Rice Bowl event was held. It is an...
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